Thursday, February 27, 2020

Discuss the basic communication skills that are prerequistites for the Essay

Discuss the basic communication skills that are prerequistites for the helping relationship - Essay Example Every person needs communication and contacts establishing. From one side, it is a necessity to get new impressions, feelings and knowledge, and from the other side it is a wish to share thoughts and opinion. So, communication is a process of information exchange. This process helps to enrich experience of the person who communicates. Education of every human goes through communication which is one of the main experience sources. In the process of personality development the communication development gets the social-selective character. The universal character of communication becomes apparent in â€Å"confess† nessecity: to share thoughts and problems.ï€ ª Communication necessity is always connected with the self-communication. Some people have a well-developed habit of self-comnmunication. The reasons for this are hidden in personality or society he/she lives in. It is a fact that active interpersonal attitudes cause self-comnmunication necessity. Usually people are tired of the information they don’t need and this becomes the reason for self-communication. It is worth admitting that the skills of self-communication are very important for soluting the problems and analyzing difficulties. So, communication is an integral part of human existing and important prerequisite for social human formation, and also it is a prerequisite for society development. The process of communication helps to organize, to regulate and to unite people, it helps to develop emotional and intellectual interaction between people. Analysing personality as a social-psychological phenomenon we can see that society correlation is not an interrelation of two isolated systems: personality researching is always connected with society researching and on the contrary. A personality should be always analysed at the contest of social relationship. The matter and level of relationship between people are various:

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